Trelleborgs FF was founded on the 6th of December in 1926 by Axel Vendt, Hans Ludvigsson, Harald Hansson och Manfred Kristoffersson and was a coalition between the two clubs Wictoria and Sport. TFF quickly became the club for the working class.

For many years TFF played in the lower leauges but then in the early 80´s the club started to establish itself as a club in the higher leauges. In 1985 TFF reached Allsvenskan (the highest leauge) for the first time and has since then been a part of the two highest leauges, Allsvenskan and Superettan. TFF has participated 13 times in Allsvenskan, in 1992 the team reached a third place which so far is the highest placement.

In the 1994 Uefa cup the team reached the second round after one win and a draw against Blackburn Rovers. The fact that a team of amateurs eliminated an english Premier leauge-team became hot news in Europe. In the second round TFF managed to play 0-0 against S. S Lazio in Trelleborg but lost at Stadio Olimpico and was therefore eliminated from the tournament.

Big players through the years is Andreas Isaksson, Benny Mårtensson, Mats Lilienberg and Magnus Arvidsson. The goalkeeper Andreas Isaksson played in TFF in the early years of his career and is now representing the swedish national team.


Benny Mårtensson scored 290 goals in 497 matches and is a legend in the club.

The supporterclub is called True Blues and was founded in 1999.

Seasons in the highest division: 13

International honours: 1 participation in the UEFA Cup

Stadium: Vångavallen

Colours: Blue shirts, white shorts and socks.